About Us


Heryert is a new, young and vibrant brand with a vision: to make the best jilbabs in the world.
We believe in sourcing locally, from the best materials available. We are passionate about the art of making jilbabs, and we know that you will be too once you try our products!
Our goal is simple: to provide high quality jilbabs at affordable prices that make women feel comfortable. That’s why we take great care in crafting every jilbab we make -from the materials we use to the way we put it together. Our jilbabs are designed to fit you perfectly.

Our Product

Full Length Jilbab, V shaped Jillab, Indoor Prayer Jilbab, Jilbab Gift Box

Affordable Price

High quality, tendy and comfortable jilbabs at affordable prices


On local orders above N100,000!

Get your modest and comfort wears with easy and best customer service experience from us